Bombay needs E Sreedharan.

Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2008 in life
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Just finished watching Pather Panchali. A naked honest cinema. The best thing about the movie is it’s honesty and selfishness. The movie has no purpose except to tell a tail. It uses no cheap gimmicks has no twist and turns. It serves no cheap purpose to satisfy your senses. It just moves on at it’s own pace and in most selfish way to complete the tail. This is how and only way to produce great cinema. This is what makes Ray as the most influential Indian film maker.

Oh, I forgot the topic. Yes, I’m sorry I called it Bombay. I hope Thackrey’s won’t screw me for this. They won’t, who cares about what a nobody writes in his blog. See, being a no body has it’s own benefits. In a nation where an actress is fucked up with a legal case and sent to jail for voicing something like “pre-martial sex is all correct if done safely”, being a nobody gives you freedom of speech and liberty to vomit your POV, no matter fucked up it is.

Well back to the point, I said Bombay needs a E Sreedharan. What for? It needs a Sreedharan to remediate it’s fucked up drainage system. The financial capital of the world ‘s fourth largest economy doesn’t have well to do drainage. It turns into a flooded drain in monsoon. “This happens only in India.” I really can imagine the situations in the boardrooom of Bomabay Municipal Corporation, what sort of people are managing the authority and what planning or actions they might be into. It takes me back to scene of Taggart Railroad Boardroom meeting where Dagny stood alone to fight against the incompetence. It also reminds me of the committee meeting of my college fest organizers. The prime concern of such meetings are any damn thing on earth like how to pass the blame, how to market, what to plan except for how the job has to be done. I can’t think of a reason why the most tax paying city, of such a huge democracy has to do with an archaic drainage. I read at some reliable source that the Income Tax Bombay pays alone, is equal to what rest of the nation pays. Still, they have to live in such a way. The citizens of Bombay, the same people who have all the time in this world, to fight in communal riots, who have all the money / time to waste on rituals of ganpati puja, who have all the time to hold demonstration for changing the name of the city and who have time to kick out the North Indians out of there city, don’t really have enough consideration and time to come out in open against this fucking issue. The cause which fucks up there life every monsoon. The self appointed guardinas of Bombay, fucking Thackarey’s can’t they see this issue. Don’t they have time to protest/ demonstrate against this. I really can’t understand the indifference of Mumbaikers for such an important issue of there life and there beloved city. What Bombay needs is someone like E Sreedharan, a one single man who has a Mind, guts and willingness to take on a project to rebuilt the screwed up drainage of Bombay. A person whose prime concern is nothing but his work. He has no knowledge of how to achieve position and power with means other than his work. Who builds , who creates single handedly. But India doesn’t have enough silent heroes of his stature. With no one like this in sight it really doesn’t look like a bright future for Mumbai. I’m really waiting to see when and how the situation of Bombay will improve. I hope someone wise enough could go to MNS and give those assholes a real cause to fight and protest for. There was a lot more I wanted to write but suddenly lost the intrest, don’t no why.

Anyways for those who say, who am I to say all this?

“har ek baat pe kehto ho ki tu kya hai,

tum hi batao ye andazee guftagu kya hai”

Let me wrap it up with one of my fav hindi song from yet unreleased movie Paanch.

Har sparsh mein, kheenchaav hai, har dosti mein tanaav hai
Duwa bhi mein, bala bhi mein, meri dava, mera ghaav hai

Aadhi roshni, aadhe andhere, aadhi zindagi yun na jalaao
Tum jo sochte hai woh tum ho
Socho jaago sab ko jagaao

Ye sahi hai, ye galat, meri maano, socho mat
Ye na pehno, woh na bolo, ho sake toh munh na kholo
Ye pado mat, woh suno mat, main chununga, tum chuno mat
Kat-te jaao, mit-te jaao, dabna seekho, dabte jaao
Bas ab aur nahin, ab aur nahin, aur nahin, ab aur nahin
Bas aur nahin, ab aur nahin
(Aur nahin, ab aur nahin, bas aur nahin, ab aur nahin
Aur nahin, ab aur nahin, bas aur nahin)
Saans lo, dum bharo, chillaakar, sab se kaho
Sar jhuka! khuda hoon main!

Read more about this song and other songs of this movie, on this great post:

“I was looking for something a lot heavier, yet melodic at the same time. Something different from heavy metal, a different attitude.”

Kurt Cobain.

Oh, I love you Kurt, I love you.

  1. axw11 says:

    why cant u or me be the next E Sreedharan?

  2. Ashish Saxena says:

    Yes, axw11 is very right. Can’t V lead India in the manner the gr8 E. Sreedharan is doing?

    Boss, V need Sreedharans to get the work done rather any Writer to get the page filled up………….

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